Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just Fab is the Bomb, Baby!

Ok, so my girlfriends just recently told me about Just Fab the online shoe club. Since my name is JustFab Jan I thought I had gosh darn well better try it out! If you don't know how it works you can click the link above. I just want to get into the nitty gritty of it... The shoes! I just found some really hot, strappy heels on Just Fab. And just like all the other reviews I've read on this shoe, it is very comfortable (I can almost run in them). Here are a few more notes:

  1. The straps are a soft material, so they won't rub & cause a blister.
  2. No need for grips because the bottom is a rubber sole.
  3. Even though they are a high heel, the platform makes them easy to walk in. T
  4. he straps are adjustable.

Although the only thing I would say is go a 1/2 size smaller. I have wide feet and they still felt a little large. Not going to return them though, because my size is out. Otherwise, another great buy!

But these aren't the only shoes that I got! They have so many shoes at Just Fab and they also have over 4 million members that log on each month to see their selection of shoes and handbags that have been picked out for them by their very own personal stylists. It's pretty amazing! The shoes are pretty good too as you can see by the review I already left. As I mentioned, these are not the only pair that I bought. I got another pair of pumps that I am in love with which I will tell you about here.

They had really great ankle support and the height of the heel is so sexy! The only complaints I would have on this shoe are that the friction caused by the back zipper caused some rashing and minor bleeding during the first two wears, but I'm sure it will soften up in time. The other complaint is that the platform, being plastic, scuffs and scratches very easily. So be careful what you do in these beauties! Otherwise they're one of my easiest heels to walk in. Ironic for them also being the tallest of my shoes!

There are other sites similar to Just Fab such as ShoeDazzle and the up and coming site ShoeMint. I have yet to try these companies but I think I just might because I really love Just Fab a lot.

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