Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Even more new sky high heels from JustFab.com!

I know you are all waiting to hear what I thought about my new sky high heels that I ordered. I am sooooo in love with JustFab.com it's silly! I just got an order in a couple days ago and today MORE have arrived. I am sure you want to know what I think so wait no further! I ordered these shoes a half size larger than what I usually wear, as my feet tend to swell. I didn't need to because they are plenty large already. I have about an inch gap at the back of the heel. I'm hoping this problem can be taken care of, because I'm really loving this shoe. I chose the red ones and then went back for the other color. The heel is fantastic and gives it great support but it's a shame that they are a bit too big. The color is perfect, and you can either dress it up or dress it down. My only warning is that the material tends to wear down easily. I have to go to a shoe repair place to find the right color protector to cover up the scratches. Still would rate them an A+

Now, in addition to this pair I saw a really cute pair of shoes from Just Fab in their commercial that I had to have. If you look at around 14 seconds into this video you'll see them:

See those heels that are over 5 inches or so? I don't normally buy shoes with as high of a heel as the one on this pump from Just Fab but I fell in love. I have been looking at this shoe for a while and finally decided to get it as part of a sale they had. I am so glad I did! It will definitely take some getting used to, but this shoe will look great dressed up or casual. It looks really expensive and is really well made. The python print is different on each shoe, but if you're not obsessive about that kind of thing you will love these. I ordered a half size larger than normal and they fit great.

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