Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Even more new sky high heels from JustFab.com!

I know you are all waiting to hear what I thought about my new sky high heels that I ordered. I am sooooo in love with JustFab.com it's silly! I just got an order in a couple days ago and today MORE have arrived. I am sure you want to know what I think so wait no further! I ordered these shoes a half size larger than what I usually wear, as my feet tend to swell. I didn't need to because they are plenty large already. I have about an inch gap at the back of the heel. I'm hoping this problem can be taken care of, because I'm really loving this shoe. I chose the red ones and then went back for the other color. The heel is fantastic and gives it great support but it's a shame that they are a bit too big. The color is perfect, and you can either dress it up or dress it down. My only warning is that the material tends to wear down easily. I have to go to a shoe repair place to find the right color protector to cover up the scratches. Still would rate them an A+

Now, in addition to this pair I saw a really cute pair of shoes from Just Fab in their commercial that I had to have. If you look at around 14 seconds into this video you'll see them:

See those heels that are over 5 inches or so? I don't normally buy shoes with as high of a heel as the one on this pump from Just Fab but I fell in love. I have been looking at this shoe for a while and finally decided to get it as part of a sale they had. I am so glad I did! It will definitely take some getting used to, but this shoe will look great dressed up or casual. It looks really expensive and is really well made. The python print is different on each shoe, but if you're not obsessive about that kind of thing you will love these. I ordered a half size larger than normal and they fit great.

Monday, March 19, 2012

I am all about saving money when shopping

When shopping for shoes I have one tip that will not only save money, but save you time. If you don't have a lot of time to stay current with changing trends or even time to get out to the mall to shop, then joining a shoe club is what you should try. You've seen me post about the Just Fab shoe club before but there are also a few others that you can try out.

I do recommend Justfab though and have had some good luck with them. The shoes that you get aren't going to be the highest of quality but they really are good for the price. I bought a nice pink pump that I love. The pink is a bit more muted than what is reflected in the picture on their site, which I really like. I fell even more in love with these when they arrived and held them in my hot little hand! They fit perfectly true to size (I'm size 9, narrow), and I plan to wear these often this spring and summer with jeans, shorts, and pencil skirts.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just Fab is the Bomb, Baby!

Ok, so my girlfriends just recently told me about Just Fab the online shoe club. Since my name is JustFab Jan I thought I had gosh darn well better try it out! If you don't know how it works you can click the link above. I just want to get into the nitty gritty of it... The shoes! I just found some really hot, strappy heels on Just Fab. And just like all the other reviews I've read on this shoe, it is very comfortable (I can almost run in them). Here are a few more notes:

  1. The straps are a soft material, so they won't rub & cause a blister.
  2. No need for grips because the bottom is a rubber sole.
  3. Even though they are a high heel, the platform makes them easy to walk in. T
  4. he straps are adjustable.

Although the only thing I would say is go a 1/2 size smaller. I have wide feet and they still felt a little large. Not going to return them though, because my size is out. Otherwise, another great buy!

But these aren't the only shoes that I got! They have so many shoes at Just Fab and they also have over 4 million members that log on each month to see their selection of shoes and handbags that have been picked out for them by their very own personal stylists. It's pretty amazing! The shoes are pretty good too as you can see by the review I already left. As I mentioned, these are not the only pair that I bought. I got another pair of pumps that I am in love with which I will tell you about here.

They had really great ankle support and the height of the heel is so sexy! The only complaints I would have on this shoe are that the friction caused by the back zipper caused some rashing and minor bleeding during the first two wears, but I'm sure it will soften up in time. The other complaint is that the platform, being plastic, scuffs and scratches very easily. So be careful what you do in these beauties! Otherwise they're one of my easiest heels to walk in. Ironic for them also being the tallest of my shoes!

There are other sites similar to Just Fab such as ShoeDazzle and the up and coming site ShoeMint. I have yet to try these companies but I think I just might because I really love Just Fab a lot.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thoughts on some New Shoes!

Just got some new shoes in the mail the other day and I had to post about them! The shoe is nicknamed Brenda and she is a keeper. I wish that I had bought these in the blush color a little sooner though as well, but the red color I ordered are pretty nice. The angle of the platform to heel is steep and my arch doesn't touch the shoe interior which will end up causing discomfort. That is the price to pay for these sexy shoes! My husband loves them on me as much as I do. I hope that I can find these same shoes in blush soon so I have some more colors to wear. Like I said, the red are nice but you can only wear red with so many different outfits. I usually like to have a variety of colors to wear so that I can mix and match.

I also ordered some black boots that I liked the looks of a few weeks back and they just arrived today too. The color is a little darker than what is shown on the website, but that's okay. They're actually more of camel color, but the style is great. The quality of these boots are great for the price. The only complaint I have is that my calves are bigger and I can't zip them up all the way. Nothing a shoe repair place at the mall can't fix.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Stylish And Trendy Heels are a Gal's Best Friend!

I think I may have stumbled into a gold mine! A shoe gold mine that is... A friend of mine recently turned me on to Payless and I have been going there pretty often to shop for shoes. I figured I would give it a whirl so I got a pair of high heels from them. This pair of heels is one of my favorite purchases that I have ever made through a department store! The shoes are super stylish and very comfortable. I am only 5'3" so these make me tall, but not too awkwardly tall, which is fantastic for a pair of platforms! They are so easy to dress up or down. My only problem with the shoe is that they could be a little bit tighter in the toe area to keep my feet from sliding forward occasionally. That aside, these are great shoes and I would recommend them to anyone if you are able to find them. I forget the exact name of them though, so you might have a hard time! lol

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Musings from JustFab Jan

Hey my name is Jan and my friends call me JustFab Jan! It's kind of a joke nickname because they make fun of me for the one time I told them that I looked "just fabulous" in this dress I picked out for a wedding. The nickname has sticked ever since!

I don't mind though because I actually do think that I am JUST FAB :D

I am very much into fashion and celebrity news so you'll probably see a lot of that stuff here from me. Anyways, that is just a little intro about who I am and what I like. Let the posting begin!